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By hiring me, you can benefit from my unique blend of legal expertise, artistic understanding, and commitment to protecting the rights and interests of artists and creatives. I am passionate about helping you navigate the legal landscape, allowing you to focus on your artistic pursuits with peace of mind.

What We

Contract Review
& Revision

  • Thorough review and revision of existing contracts to protect artists' rights and interests.

  • Customization of contracts to meet the specific needs and goals of artists and creatives.

  • Expert identification of potential pitfalls and legal issues within contracts.

  • Ensuring contracts align with the unique requirements of the creative industry.

  • Specialization in reviewing and revising licensing agreements, collaboration agreements, and production contracts.

  • Tailored guidance to help artists understand and negotiate contract terms effectively.

LLC Formation Assistance

  • Comprehensive guidance and support in forming a limited liability company (LLC) for artists and creatives.

  • Knowledge of the legal requirements and processes involved in LLC formation.

  • Assistance with registration, documentation, and legal compliance for the establishment of an LLC.

  • Customized advice to ensure proper structuring and protection of the creative business.

  • Commitment to helping clients navigate the complexities of LLC formation for their creative ventures.

Community Workshops

  • Empowering artists with knowledge about their rights under copyright law.

  • Educational workshops covering copyright protection, licensing, and other relevant legal aspects.

  • Designed to help artists make informed decisions and protect their creative works.

  • Conducted periodically within the community to reach a broader audience of artists.

Tailored Contract Creation

  • Custom creation of contracts tailored to the specific needs of artists and creatives.

  • Collaborative approach to understand clients' goals and objectives.

  • Translation of clients' creative vision into legally sound and comprehensive contracts.

  • Expertise in addressing the nuances of the creative industry in contract creation.

  • Examples of customized contracts, such as licensing agreements, collaboration agreements, or production contracts.

  • Assurance that contracts are drafted to protect clients' rights and interests.

Copyright & Trademark Protection

  • Guidance and assistance in protecting intellectual property rights for artists and creatives.

  • In-depth knowledge of copyright and trademark laws relevant to the creative industry.

  • Services for registering copyrights and filing trademarks to secure legal protection.

  • Advising clients on strategies to safeguard their creative works from unauthorized use or infringement.

  • Assistance in negotiating and drafting licensing agreements to protect artists' intellectual property.

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