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Image by Fabian Bächli


Megan is an attorney and a passionate artist with a deep understanding of the legal intricacies that impact the art world. With a solid foundation in entertainment and intellectual property law, Megan offers invaluable legal guidance and support to artists and creatives seeking to protect their works and navigate the complexities of the art and entertainment industry.


Combining a legal background with firsthand experience as an artist, Megan possesses a unique perspective and a genuine commitment to assisting fellow creatives. Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and a Master of Arts in Photography and Writing, Megan brings a comprehensive understanding of the artistic process and the challenges faced by artists in realizing their visions.


Driven by a desire to help artists achieve their goals, Megan derives immense satisfaction from guiding clients through the legal technicalities that often accompany their creative endeavors. Whether it's contract review, revision, or the creation of tailored agreements, Megan ensures that artists are protected and empowered, enabling them to focus on their artistic work with peace of mind.


Megan's expertise extends to various facets of entertainment law. From assisting movie production firms in acquiring copyright licenses for book-to-film adaptations to crafting licensing agreements for authors and artists working with publishers, Megan is well-versed in the legal intricacies surrounding intellectual property.


Recognizing the significance of a strong legal foundation for creative businesses, Megan has helped numerous artists and photographers establish LLCs, ensuring proper legal structure and safeguarding their personal assets. Additionally, Megan provides valuable insights into contractual arrangements, advising clients on the necessary steps to protect their intellectual property and negotiate favorable agreements.


As an advocate for knowledge and awareness, Megan conducts workshops on intellectual property law, empowering artists and small business owners to understand their rights under copyright and trademark law. By sharing expertise and practical insights, Megan equips the artistic community with the tools needed to navigate legal complexities and protect their creative endeavors.


Passionate about supporting local artists and witnessing the art scene thrive, Megan engages with clients on a personal level, taking the time to understand their projects, challenges, and goals. Through tailored legal strategies and efficient problem-solving, Megan strives to provide comprehensive support, allowing artists to focus on their craft while ensuring their legal rights are upheld.

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